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What does a therapy session look like?

-         That depends on the client’s age, goals, interests, attention etc.  For example, therapy may be completed on the floor using puzzles, toys and pictures for a small child.  Therapy may be completed at the table with word lists and a game for a school aged child or therapy may be completed at the table using a newspaper, tablet or computer with an adult.  We tailor our therapy sessions to the needs of the client and try to make it fun as well, which improves motivation and progress. 

-         Each session is individually planned and includes direct intervention and caregiver training.  Caregivers are welcome to watch, participate or go read a book while the SLP (Speech-Language Pathologist) and client are working but they are highly-encouraged to be present for the caregiver training. Therapy frequency depends on the type and severity of speech disorder, delay or difference. 

Will there be homework?

-         Yes, there will be homework!  We know 30 minutes of direct intervention introduces new behaviors, patterns and skills but there are 23½ more hours in the day to use those skills! We encourage short, frequent practices on the days between our therapy sessions.

What does an evaluation look like?

-         That depends too!  A comprehensive speech and language evaluation typically takes around an hour to complete.  After discussing your concerns and reviewing your case history, we will choose the most appropriate testing materials. An evaluation may include standardized tests, formal observation, oral-mechanism evaluation and/or parent reports. After completing the evaluation, we will write up the findings and create a treatment plan to best meet the client’s needs.  We can schedule an additional appointment to go over the results.

Can you see my family member if we already were evaluated by someone else?

-         If the evaluation is current and the goals continue to be appropriate, of course!  A consultation may be needed to ensure the goals are accurate but therapy can begin quickly unless a more thorough evaluation is needed.

Do you see all diagnoses?

-         No! While there are many diagnoses we have experience with, there is no way to be an expert on every diagnosis available!  If we are uncomfortable or unsure, we will help you find another SLP (Speech-Language Pathologist) that would be the best fit.

How do you schedule appointments?

-         We establish a standing appointment time that works for both the client’s schedule and the therapist’s schedule.  Our goal is to be as convenient to families as possible; we will:

o   Travel to the client’s home,

o   Meet them at a local public location,

o   See their child in a private school/preschool/daycare, with appropriate permission.

o   See an adult in an office building or long-term care facility, with appropriate permission.

Do you take my health insurance?

-         We are not accepting insurance at this time. However, upon request, we will provide CPT and diagnostic codes for you to seek reimbursement from your insurance company.

Will you come with me to my child's ARD?

-         Of course, we want you to feel informed and empowered! An ARD is the public school meeting for “Admission, Review and Dismissal” into the special education programs.  We support getting as much speech therapy as possible!  If the school is offering you once or twice a week of therapy, that is one or two more times he/she is being exposed to excellent training!  Collaboration of school and private speech therapy services is common practice.

Would you do a presentation for my staff development?

-         Yes, we would love to!  We are in the business of promoting great speech and language and we love educating staff members at schools, daycares and preschools.

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We came to Amy scared and fearful for our son’s future. She took us in and gave us hope and confidence. Treating his childhood apraxia of speech came with so many family challenges. For three and a half years, we saw Ms. Amy up to three times a week and she always led with kindness, confidence and a smile on her face. She has God’s gift to give a voice to the voiceless and does it with class and passion. We are so thrilled with everything she has done for our son, this boy has more words than we ever imagined and so much swagger!
— W's mom