We want you to be proud of your speech!

Peacock Speech Therapy, PLLC provides speech and language services to pediatric and adult clients with a variety of diagnoses. Peacock Speech exists to care for our clients by providing excellent therapy from experienced clinicians.  We want you to be proud of how you speak and we are here to help you each step of the way.

Peacock Speech has experienced, certified, licensed Speech-Language Pathologists who can evaluate, consult, treat and provide family training for a variety of diagnoses including:

-          Articulation

-          Aphasia

-          Apraxia of Speech

-          Receptive and Expressive Language

-          Pragmatics/Social skills

-          Cleft Lip/Palate

-          Fluency

-          Dysarthria

-          Stroke/Cerebral Vascular Accident

-          Accent Modification

-          Down Syndrome

-          Autism

-          Hearing Impairment

-          and more.


We serve clients in and around The Heights and Oak Forest neighborhoods in Houston, Texas. 

As a convenience to you and your family, we will come to you! 

 Including the option to see your child at a local school, preschool or daycare center.

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“We send our high regard for Amy’s work and would recommend her to any parent that needs a speech therapist to work with their child.  She has been meeting with our daughter at her school, which has been super convenient for us (not having to go the medical center like last year) but also comfortable for our child.  She has enjoyed meeting with Amy, and her speech continues to improve!”  - Paul L.